Lately, in Corinna...
September 11, 1999

On the left is a photo of the riverbed just below Main Street taken on Wednesday. It shows how dry it has been this summer. As you can see, almost no water is running. The picture on the right was taken at the same location on Saturday morning. I estimate we got about 2 inches of rain Friday night.

Lately, in Corinna...
September 12, 1999

The Corinna Revitalization Committee has presented five alternative proposals for the redesign of downtown. During this week, the plans will be displayed in the town hall. If you haven't seen them yet, stop by the town office and take a look. Residents may enter comments and suggestions. We only have a few weeks to make this decision.

Lately, in Corinna...
September 17, 1999

This man is a chemist working for Harding Lawson Associates. He is analyzing hundreds of water samples taken for the Remedial Investigation of the woolen mill site. The equipment in the photo is one of two gas chromatographs set up in the back rooms of the Thurston house on the St. Albans road. It is the first time in years we have seen lights on in that house at night. These people have put in some long days lately.

Lately, in Corinna...
September 23, 1999

PumpkinsLooks like a great crop of pumpkins. Guess this is a sure sign of Fall here in Maine.

Halloween's not far away!

These pumpkins look pretty good considering how dry it was for most of the summer. 

Lately, in Corinna...
September 26, 1999

Varieties of SquashHarvest is in full swing here. If you stop at the vegetable stand on route 7 you'll find seven or eight varieties of squash available. Some I have never heard of.

The air is clear and the nights are favorite time of year in Maine.

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