Desktop Wallpaper for your Computer 

These are some of my favorite photographs. (Well, except for the Plastic Moose.) The Real Moose picture was provided by Mary and Elmer Bowden.  I think they felt sorry for me after seeing the plastic one. Donald Wyman also sent a picture of a real moose I haven't used yet.

I have formatted them for use as desktop wallpaper. Please help yourself to any that you like. Directions for downloading are at the bottom of this page.


#1 - Sunrise


#2 - Plastic Moose


#3 - SLB at Night


#4 - Dearborn Falls


#5 - Real Moose


#6 - Spring Field


#7 - Tower


#8 - Alder Stream


#9 - Alder Stream in Fall


#10 - Winter Tree


#11 - Whiffletree Farm


#12 - Snowmobile Trail


#13 - Full Moon


#14 - Corundel


#15 - Shoreline


#16 - Fall Trees


#17 - Afternoon


#19 - Snow Storm


#20 - Geese


#21 - SLB 2002


#22 - Alder Stream 2002


#23 - Cows


#24 - Lake tree


#25 - Lake Field


#26 - Sun Flower


#27 - Farm


#28 - Barley Field


#29 - Early Winter on the Bog


#30 - Winter Solstice Sunset


Cormorants on Rock


Standing Trees


Good Hay



Click on the wallpaper you want. The picture will load into a new browser page just like when you look at a larger copy of a photo on The Cattail Press. These are higher quality versions of the pictures so they may take longer to load.

After the page has finished loading, if you are using Windows 98, right-click (click the right mouse button) on the picture and choose Set As Wallpaper on the menu that pops up.


To remove desktop wallpaper

  • Right-click on the desktop
  • Choose Properties from the pop-up menu
  • Under the Background tab, in the Wallpaper section, where it says, "Select an HTML document or a picture", scroll to the top of the list and choose (None)
  • Click on the OK button

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