Seeking The Falls

April 28, 2000


Since the pictures of the Meadow Brook Falls appeared on The Cattail Press back in March, there have been hints and comments about another, larger water fall back in the woods on the same stream. Some people called them Dearborn Falls. Others knew them as Bucks Falls. A few readers described going there for school picnics when they were young. I visited the falls in about 1969 while still in high school.

A few weeks ago my son and I headed out to find this larger water fall. I took pictures and made up a little story to string them together for these pages. 

By the way, I think that the Barker Brook post card picture may have been taken at this water fall instead of the smaller falls by the Exeter Road.


Part 1 - Preparations


After years of hearing stories of a water fall back in the woods, south of Bonds Corner, it was time to mount an expedition seeking the falls. We got out the DeLormes to find its general location.



Knowing the journey might be long and arduous, I hired an experienced local pack-teen named Paco Guanaco to accompany me on the expedition.
It was Paco's job to gather supplies and make them ready for the trip. It was also his job to carry our provisions.

Of course, as leader of the expedition, I too, had important preparations to make.

The Walk In