Site Layout Plan

Route 7 and the River Diversion

April 18, 2000


At a public meeting last week, the EPA distributed  materials and a set of diagrams describing the next part of the clean-up plan. This graphic is a scanned portion of "Figure 4, Site Layout Plan". I added the Present Main Street label. [Click on this graphic to view a larger copy.]

The black line drawing represents the present streets, buildings and other features. The sideslopes of the new river channel are shown in green. The blue is water. The new Route 7 to be built by the EPA this year is shown in brown. The yellow represents future improvements to be built by the Maine DOT.

Right now, the EPA is saying the river diversion, the new bridge and the new Route 7 construction shown in brown on the map will be completed by November 2000. The yellow road segments will be done by the MDOT some time in the future to finalize the realignment of the road through town.

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