V-J Day in Corinna

August 14, 2000



Today is the anniversary of V-J Day. On this day in 1945, Japan agreed to stop the fighting in the Pacific, thus bringing an end to World War II. For many years, this was an important summer holiday and celebration in Corinna. The following is a collection of photographs from the earliest celebrations. I think they are from 1945 or 1946. 

Click on each picture to see a close up section.


This picture is from a post card. Lorraine Hunter shared this with me. Many of you will recognize Razor Crossman speaking from the back of the truck in front of the mill on Main Street. Lorraine is also the photograph, the fourth person to the right of Razor. She says, even though Razor has his arms raised, she doesn't think he was praying at the time. Lorraine remembers that Razor was the announcer and Ralph Hill made a speech doing an imitation of President Roosevelt.


V-J Day was a celebration with a parade, cookouts, field day and a street dance. Does anyone recognize this float or the people on it? How about the family standing by the cars on the left? Click on the picture for some close-up sections.


The first year, Lorraine says, Jim Striar and Winn Clark sponsored a big celebration on Main Street with free hot dogs, hamburgers, soda and beer. 


My generation wasn't around for the end of the war but we remember the parade and field day sponsored by the American Legion and the Auxiliary. Decorating bikes for the parade was a tradition that lasted many years.


This is a picture of the street dance, probably taken from a window in the mill. I'm sure some of you recognize people in these photos. Tell us who you can see and share you memories in the The Cattail Forum V-J Day topic.


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