Local Contractor -
Mike Snowman also involved in the cleanup

August 23, 2000


This morning on a visit to the work site, Rick Leighton and I talked with Mike Snowman, a local contractor from St. Albans, who is working on the Superfund Cleanup Project. He is doing the installation of new sewer and water lines. 


Mike and I went to school together at Nokomis Regional High. It was good to talk with him. I don't think I've seen him since high school.

Here you see one of Mike's sons operating a remote-controlled compactor used to pack down the soil being put on top of the pipe they are laying in this trench. See, those video games can help develop certain useful skills.

Mike says his other son drives a truck on another crew working on this same site. He and his crew will be in Corinna for a while. They will be installing new pipelines at both end of Main Street.

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