Areas 2 and 3

July 26, 2000



The first parts of the river bed to be excavated are known as Area 2 and Area 3. The  soil in these areas is contaminated. It will be removed and stockpiled for treatment.

Area 1, also visible on this diagram, will be excavated next summer.

This graphic is part of Figure 2 - Areas of soil contamination - Eastland Woolen Mill Site. It was handed out by the EPA at a public meeting. I added the labels for the Odd Fellows Hall, and the Trestle. I also underlined the labels for Area 2 and 3 in red. 

Area 2 is between the Odd Fellows Hall and the railroad trestle.

Both areas must be excavated and filled back in before construction can begin on the new road.



Area 3 is just below the trestle. The barrier across the further end of this section is visible downriver where the pipes seem to stop. They actually stop just beyond that barrier where the water runs out into the river bed. The excavation of this section started this week.

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