Winchester Park 

June 30, 2000


One of the few things on Main Street in Corinna that will not change in the next few months is Winchester Park. The Soldier's Memorial is pictured here. It was erected in 1914 as a Civil War monument. 

Below are four post cards of the park from Peter Smith's collection. Click on each post card to view a larger copy.


The land for the park was given to the town in 1913 by the Winchester and Stewart families. The Winchesters said it was donated as a memorial to soldiers who "fought in the great rebellion."

The monument is a granite Civil War soldier, standing at rest. It must have been a popular model. Identical statues stand in a number of Maine towns.


The two guns in front of the statue are of World War I vintage. 

This post card is dated 1938.

Two piles of cannon balls were also part of the original design. However, they were donated as scrap iron during World War II.


Here is the park as it looks today.




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Maine Historic Preservation Commission, 1992

The Peter Smith Post Card Collection

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