The Front is Gone

March 3, 2000


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These pictures were taken at around 11:00 AM on Thursday. This view is from the parking lot at Lister Petroleum. The entire front of the mill has now been demolished. The first section of the mill was built on Main Street in 1912, before World War I. For the past 88 years, a woolen mill has defined the North side of the street and been the focus many lives in Corinna.

Here we are looking straight across Main Street to where the mill office used to be. The object in the gray circle is the safe. It will be turned over to the Corinna Historical Society. They will make a new home for it in the C.U.A. building.

Below is a photo taken from the front walk of the Post Office on December 19, 1999.

This picture was taken yesterday from about the same location. 

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