A Visit to the Cellar of
the Stewart Library Building

February 21, 2000

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Brick Columns

Many of you commented on the Visit To the Attic piece from back in November. With so much interest in the upper story, perhaps some are also interested in the lower reaches of the building.

Not long ago I visited the cellar of the Stewart Library Building. It is very neat and orderly.


One of the first things to see is this jail cell. There are two of them, made of flat metal bars. The door is open. Ready to receive the next occupant.

I wonder how long it's been since this saw real use. It seems to be in good shape...ready to serve, if necessary.

Jail Cell



These old stoves caught my eye. They must have been used to heat rooms upstairs at one time.

You can see the granite blocks of the foundation wall behind them. I've read that the granite for the building was taken from a local quarry.


Can you see the metal teller's gate in this picture? There are some other items behind it. Notice the decorative metal work along the top and the two arched openings at the bottom. It must have been used in one of the offices. 

Teller's Cage

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