Cleanup plan approved

August 3, 1999

In a community update mailed to residents of Corinna, the EPA announced this week that the early cleanup plan for the Eastland Woolen Mill site has been approved. The demolition of the mill buildings will start this fall. The excavation and treatment of contaminated soil will begin in the spring.

Some soil under the mill and in the riverbed is severely contaminated with chlorobenzenes. These chemicals were used in the dye process at the mill from the 1960s until about 1971. The early cleanup plan, also called the Removal Plan, is designed to quickly remove the source of contamination in the soil.

The entire mill will be torn down. The contaminated soil under the mill and in the riverbed will be excavated, treated to remove the contamination, and put back in place. During this process the riverbed will be relocated toward the East end of Main Street. The bridge will be removed and traffic diverted away from the excavation.

While the Removal Plan is going on, the EPA will also conduct a Remedial Investigation. This second program will address long term issues:

  • How is the contamination spreading in the soil, water and air?
  • How might the contamination come in contact with the community?
  • What are the potential human health risks from the contamination?
  • What is the potential harm to the environment from the contamination?

If the Remedial Investigation reveals a significant potential health or environmental impact, then the EPA will develop a long term program to protect the surrounding community and environment.

There will be an informational public meeting on Thursday, August 5, at 7:00 p.m. at the Corinna School Cafeteria. The EPA will discuss the next steps for the cleanup investigation and plans for the Eastland Woolen Mill Superfund Site.

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