The Round-Roof Section

February 26, 2000


This is one of the main sections of the mill still standing today, what I have called the round-roof section. I think it was built around 1950. The photo above was taken from the East side of the mill pond, before the demolition began.
Here's a picture taken this week. On the right side you see a ramp leading down to a green container. The ramp is used by workers removing the roofing by hand. The roofing material contains asbestos. When they are done, this section will be demolished. 
This is inside, on the second floor. The curve of the roof is evident. This is a huge room with hardwood flooring. I think it must have been used for storage.
The concrete pilings that support the building over the pond can be seen in this picture. It was taken out back from the West side of the mill pond.
This is a photo my father took when this section was built. (Thanks, Dad.) He was standing straight back from the mill on the drained mill pond. The top of the Odd Fellows Hall shows just above the windows on the low section to the far right. Click on this picture to view a larger copy.

Last month I was trying to get a picture that matched this view when I slipped on some ice, fell and broke two ribs. I'm okay now. 

The cement piling on the left, with the pole extending up, would be in the middle of the pond when the water is high. It, and a few others like it, were used to support cables that ran from the back of the mill up to the upper dam. The cables attached to a butterfly gate on the dam. This system allowed water flow from the dam to be controlled from a point at the back of the mill.

At least one of the pilings still exists. This picture was taken back in December when the water was low in the mill pond. It's not the same piling pictured above. This one is closer to the upper dam.


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