Traffic Dummy on Main Street

January 31, 2000


My father took this picture of a parade float from the second floor of his house on Main Street sometime in the late 1940's. The garage across the street was later replaced by an expansion of the mill.

The object in the street on this side of the horses is a traffic dummy. As cars turned onto Main Street from the Newport road, this cement based sign directed traffic to keep right. 

This is a close-up from the photo above. Although the sign was very heavy, it sometimes would be moved around in the road because occasionally a trailer truck would hook onto it, dragging it out of place.

The sign surfaces were made from enameled steel. There was a cap on the top which may have enclosed a lighted warning signal at one time.


In this picture, taken by Archie Sawtelle during the V. J. Day anniversary celebration held in 1946, the camera is looking back down the Newport Road. The dummy can be seen on the left.

Acknowledgment: Photo of the V. J. Day Parade from
Corinna 175th Anniversary 1991. Edited by Everett Simpson, 1992

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