A Visit To The Attic

By arrangement with the town office, I recently visited the attic of the Stewart Library Building. It's mostly empty space, not much to look at. I do not recommend you visit. Many bats call it home.

However, there were a few things of interest.

This is the brickwork that supports the clock tower. The two ends of this arch stand on columns that run down through the building to the foundation.

There is no stairway to the clock. The only way up is by this ladder. Another ladder, even longer, above this one goes to the bell tower.

This is the power source for the clock, a wooden box of rocks suspended in a shaft. You can see the cable, pulley and the rocks just below the pulley.

To keep the clock running someone must climb into the tower once a week and crank the box of rocks up to the top of the shaft.

This image is about 100 years old. It shows the stage and the auditorium on the second floor of the Stewart Library Building filled with rows of folding wooden chairs.

Look what I found in the attic! Some of the chair sections still exist.

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