Corinna Historical Timeline

This time line shows events in Corinna set against the time spans of a few historical events in the United States since 1800. I developed the timeline to see how long woolen mills had existed in the town. 

The first mill at the lower dam, later called the Moosehead Woolen Mill, was built in 1847 by brothers named Dorman. It burned a few times and closed briefly during the depression. A mill existed on that site for 76 years. It was destroyed by fire in 1950.

The mill on the Main Street location was first built by a group of local businessmen in 1912. It was owned briefly by the Moosehead Woolen Mill company but was purchased by the Eastland Woolen Mill company in 1936. A mill has existed on that site for 84 years.

For more details, click on the Corinna events below. Some are linked to other pages of information.

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