Sebasticook Committee for a Clean Environment

EPA Technical Assistant Grant

Updated July 12, 2003

The Sebasticook Committee for a Clean Environment (SCCE) manages the EPA Technical Assistant Grant (TAG) for the Eastland Woolen Mill Superfund cleanup site in Corinna, Maine. The TAG grant provides a local group from an area affected by a Superfund cleanup with funds to hire independent technical assistants to review, analyze and comment on documents and decisions the EPA develops in the course of a cleanup project. The Eastern Maine Development Corporation of Bangor, Maine provides administrative assistance to the committee. Summit Environmental Consultants, Inc. of Lewiston, Maine is employed by the SCCE to provide technical expertise.


SCCE Mission Statement

The committee, with the technical assistants, will review the EPA documents relating to the Corinna Superfund Site, and will be a conduit of information between the public and the EPA.

The SCCE usually meets the first Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Stewart Library Building in Corinna. We encourage the public to attend. The meetings provide a forum for asking questions and learning more about the cleanup process. SCCE board members are  Ken Dow, Don McDougal, Tom Hannula, Everett Simpson and Jackie Emerson.

If you have questions about the cleanup, feel free to send them into the Guest Book of The Cattail Press, contact the board members or attend any monthly TAG meeting.

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