Questions and Answers
from the SCCE


March 2001

The Sebasticook Committee for a Clean Environment (SCCE) was formed to manage the EPA Superfund Technical Assistant Grant (TAG) associated with the Eastland Superfund cleanup in Corinna. With this grant, the SCCE has hired technical experts to review EPA documents, answer questions and provide the public with information about the cleanup process.

The SCCE meets on the first Monday of every month at the Stewart Library Building in Corinna at 7:00 p.m. We encourage the public to attend our meetings.

Over the next few days, the SCCE will present a series of questions and answers about the potential for development on Superfund cleanup sites. The information was prepared by the SCCE and its technical assistant Keith Taylor of Summit Environmental Consultants, Inc. in Lewiston, Maine.


1. Will the former Eastland Woolen Mill and surrounding area ever be redeveloped since it is a Superfund Site?  ANSWER

2. Will there be any restrictions on the type of development once the Eastland Woolen Mill site is cleaned up?  ANSWER

3. Even if the Superfund site were cleaned up, wouldn’t the property still be considered a bad investment because of the history and the ground water contamination that may still exist?  ANSWER

4. What is being done to make sure that redevelopment occurs?  ANSWER



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