EPA Community Updates


In December of 1998, The United States Environmental Protection Agency started an investigation of the Eastland Woolen Mill site. At that time, the agency mailed out the first Community Update fact sheet to the residents of Corinna.

Since then, as the cleanup process has progressed, the EPA has kept the people of Corinna informed by issuing more Community Updates and holding numerous public meetings. 

Erin Heskett, who works in Public Affairs for the EPA, has provided The Cattail Press with the text of the Community Updates issued so far. They are informative and written for the general public. These updates provide a good overview of the EPA's work in Corinna.

  • Community Update # 1 - December 1998
    Eastland Woolen Mill Site
    U.S. EPA Launches Investigation Program at Eastland Woolen Mill Facility
  • Community Update # 2 - February 1999
    Eastland Woolen Mill Site
    EPA completes initial field work; announces upcoming public information meeting
  • Community Update # 3 - July 1999
    Eastland Woolen Mill Superfund Site
    EPA to begin comprehensive site investigation/early cleanup decision finalized
  • Community Update # 4 - November 1999
    Eastland Woolen Mill Superfund Site
    EPA & ATSDR announce Public Information Meeting/ATSDR Public Availability Session scheduled
  • Community Update # 5 - April 2000
    [The figures mentioned in this update will be available soon]
    Building demolition nears completion, as remaining cleanup activities proceed at Eastland Woolen Mill Superfund Site

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