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Background Information

Corinna, located in central Maine, USA, has a population of about 2100. The area has beautiful countryside, rolling hills, farms lands, and forests.

The Eastland Woolen Mill was the largest employer in the town for many years. However, in 1996 the mill went through bankruptcy and closed. The buildings, which extended the entire length of Main Street, were abandoned.

During the 1960's the mill used a dye enhancement product that contained chlorobenzene compounds. At that time, waste chemicals from the dye vats were dumped directly into the river under the mill. It turns out that some of the chlorobenzene, which is heavier than water, sank to the bottom of the river and into the soil. Eventually the groundwater in the area became severely contaminated. Some contaminants also ran downstream and were deposited in river sediments. 

In 1999 the United States Environmental Protection Agency placed the mill site on the Superfund List. The cleanup will take many years and cost more than $50 million. 

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