Kent Higgins directed this fast paced, hilarious, farce in three acts. It featured outrageous situations, mistaken identities and characters galloping in and out of four doors in an English vicarage.



Reverend Humphrey and Clive played by
Roland Dorman and Gary Dorman


Sergeant Towers and Reverend Toop played by
Jane Parker and Bruce Clarke


Penelope and Ida played by
Priscilla Dorman and Jantha Gray


Ida and Miss Skillon played by
Jantha Gray and Betsy Dorman

Penelope and The Intruder played by 
Priscilla Dorman and Gerry Rudmin

Penelope and Clive played by
Priscilla Dorman and Gary Dorman

The Cast and Crew

Left to Right, Back: Gerry Rudmin, Brenda Clarke, Jane Parker, Julie Dow, Jantha Gray, Ken Dow, Cyndie Dorman, Roland Dorman, Kent Higgins, Betsy Dorman, Jackie Emerson, Kevin Brodeur, Bill Condon. Front: Gary Dorman, Bruce Clarke, Priscilla Dorman, Fawn Condon


Cast of Characters


Miss Skillon
The Reverend Lionel Toop
Penelope Toop
Corporal Clive Winton
The Intruder
The Bishop of Lax
The Revernd Arthur Humphrey
Sergeant Towers

Jantha Gray
Betsy Dorman
Bruce Clarke
Priscilla Dorman
Gary Dorman
Gerry Rudmin
Kevin Brodeur
Roland Dorman
Jane Parker
Jackie Emerson




Set and Stage

Lights and Effects
Stage Manager
Technical Director


Bruce Clarke, Gary Dorman, Norman Clarke, Julie Dow, Jackie Emerson, Tara Clarke, Ken Dow, Brenda Clarke
Bill Condon
Ken Dow
Jackie Emerson
Ken Dow
Betsy Dorman, Jantha, Gray Priscilla Dorman
Julie Dow, Jackie Emerson
Cyndie Dorman, Julie Dow, Fawn Condon
Julie Dow, Jackie Emerson, Kevin Brodeur
Brenda Clark


Special Thanks to...

- Jeanne and David Carcieri, Marilyn Worden, Phyllis Young and the CUA Historical Society Museum for props and furniture.

- The Brewster Inn, Dexter for the radio.

- The Guildford Bed and Breakfast, Guilford for the sofa.

- Lakewood Theater, Skowhegan for costumes.

- Interface Fabric, Guilford for a generous donation of fabric used to construct acoustic panels for the walls of the auditorium.

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