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On The Bog

As I write this post the temperature outside is -6 degrees. It is nice to glimpse some green plants and open water.

Some years ago, my son, a good friend, and I took a short canoe trip up Corundel Lake in Corinna. For many years this little lake, behind the Upper Dam on the East Branch of the Sebasticook River, has been known to locals as "The Bog". It was a sunny summer day. This is a slide show, made years ago, of the photographs I took that day.

4 thoughts on “On The Bog

  1. June Jaworski

    Oh my this made me homesick. I remember the almost daily walks I took to the bog for many years. One morning I think I was the only one in town who saw a moose swim across to Taylor's farmland and head for the woods. I have so many memories of wildlife experiences there from beavers, to ducks, ospreys, eagles, geese, and deer, and of course the loons. Sad now to see all the growth in the summertime. Thanks for posting this.

    1. Ken Dow

      I am glad you like the slide show. The photos were taken in June of 2000. The area has changed since then but it is still a wonderful place to see wildlife. You have to take those walks, as you did.

    1. Ken Dow

      Thank you, Lillian. It is nice to have compliments from someone who takes lots of photos. I know that you do.

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