Funding the Restoration of the Belfry


Work on the masonry of the clock tower has gone very well. It will be completed in a few weeks. However, the condition of the wooden belfry is worse than expected. The complete repair and restoration of the belfry will cost about $40,000 more than the town has left from the $180,000 authorized for the tower project.Steeple CP

The Board of Selectmen was offered a cheaper proposal that would have left much of the needed repair work undone for now. Instead of kicking that can down the road, they were determined to find a way to carry out the complete repair now. They deserve our gratitude and support for that decision.

The Selectmen propose to add money recently realized from the sale of tax acquired property to what is left from the tower repair loan. They will also apply money remaining in a grant from the Maine Historic Preservation Commission. That, by itself won’t be enough, but the Building Preservation Group has voted to contribute funds from a grant needed to fill the gap and completely fund the repair.

There will be a vote by citizens of Corinna at a Special Town Meeting at 6 PM on June 10 at the Corinna Elementary School to authorize the Town to carry out this plan. Please plan to attend the meeting and vote. It will be very important that we have a strong show of support for the project.

The breakdown from the warrant article:
$86,200 – Belfry Cost

$48,000 – Remaining from the $180,000 Loan for Clock Tower/Belfry Repair
$ 4,900 – Remaining from $15,000 Maine Historic Preservation Grant
$20,000 – Tax Acquired Property Sale
$13,300 – Building Preservation Group Funds

Our Selectmen have taken bold steps to keep the restoration moving forward. A public show of support is vital to help them maintain this effort. The Selectmen need to know that there is solid public support for their work. The meeting will be in their usual meeting location behind the stage. I hope to see you there.

Meeting location: Enter the Gym, walk to the back of the hallway and turn left.


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Work on the Clock Tower Begins

Work on the clock tower of the Stewart Library Building will begin next week. The staging arrived Friday. Staging X FBThe workers from Knowles Industrial Services Corporation will rebuild, in place, the sections with the most damage and repair the rest. The engineer from Becker Structural Engineers, said the work could not wait until Spring, leaving it until then would “risk significant damage to the structure.” Work on the steeple, fixing mostly trim, flashing, paint and some slate shingles, can wait and be done from a lift in warmer weather.

The work will cover the masonry of the top 30 feet of the tower and the belfry. A structural engineer and mason, both with experience in historic masonry restoration, carefully examined both the inside and the outside of the tower, all the way to the top. The inside shows some problems. The outside has some areas that have serious damage, mostly the result of many years of “deferred maintenance”. [See the post below from November 2, 2014 “Why is it taking so long to repair the clock tower?”]

The photos below are all Copyright Becker Structural Engineers, Inc. 2014. They were taken during the examination of the tower in November.rebuilding

Some areas have enough damage to require rebuilding, in place.




In repairsome areas missing mortar can be replaced to repair the structure. They will put up a “tent” to enclose and heat these areas as they work.





steeple flashing


Work on the flashing and other wood parts of the steeple can be done from a lift in the Spring or Summer.







weather vaneThey did go all the way to the top of the tower. Here’s a great picture that both proves that and gives us a look we are not likely to ever see in person.







The Cattail Press is my personal blog. It does not represent the Town of Corinna, or any Town Officers or Employees. It does not represent the Building Preservation Group. The facts presented here are accurate to the best of my knowledge. Any opinions expressed are solely my own.

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Answering a fool according to his folly

From a book in the Levi Stewart Private Library Mahan book
Modern Mysteries Explained and Exposed 
By Rev. A. Mahan, Published in Boston, 1855.
You can read this book online at Google Books.
This photo was posted online by Joy Sinclair.

…in the repulsive light of “answering a fool according to his folly.”

Rev. Mahan’s book seeks to prove that “the hypothesis of Spiritualism is wholly unsustainable by any valid evidence whatever.” But, he seems to support belief in an Odylic Force of Nature which he says is the “cause of all mesmeric and clairvoyant phenomena.”

It’s a glimpse into popular belief from 160 years ago. So far I’ve read the Introduction and part of the first chapter. My favorite quote is the first sentence. He describes some wisdom we can still use, almost everyday.


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Results of Brainstorming Session

Preserving the Stewart Library Building
Public Meeting – January 20, 2015

Building Preservation Group – Corinna, Maine

Public Meeting Jan 20 15 for FBDuring a brainstorming session all suggestions and ideas are accepted and recorded without evaluation or critical analysis. The intent is to encourage creative thinking over wide ranging possibilities. Issues of practicality and feasibility are applied to the suggestions at a later date.

The items below were recorded in the Reading Room of the Stewart Library Building during an informational public meeting on January 20, 2015. Prior to the brainstorming session the 37 participants toured the building and heard a presentation about the planned renovations by architects from Ames Associates. The participants were asked to think about what building uses will be possible after the renovations (including a 3-stop elevator) are complete and what other renovations would be desirable. The suggestions have been re-ordered into a topic format.

Possible new and renewed activities in the building

  • Town meeting and voting
  • Ballroom dancing
  • Dinners
  • Summer concerts (or concerts any time of the year)
  • Proms
  • Exercise classes
  • Not basketball
  • Club and organization meetings and functions

Renovations suggested

  • Better air handling or air conditioning upstairs (too hot in the summer)
  • A function room and kitchen facility in the basement
  • Increase parking space
  • A convention room
  • Gallery space for art displays – rotation and management of display
  • Storage rooms in the basement
  • Installation of 3-phase electricity
  • Develop a regional performing arts center –
    Renovate the stage, rigging, lighting and sound systems for flexible usage
  • Build a partition at the back of the auditorium, making 3 new rooms –
    A storage space, a theater control room, a Private Library research room

Programmatic additions

  • Auditorium rental for functions
  • Tours of the building – jail cells, Private Library, etc.
  • Keep the Town Office in the building
  • Changes in the Private Library room to provide additional space for Town Office
  • Host an authors program
  • Full-time custodial service and during events

The Private Library

  • Climate and environmental controls for the books and artifacts
  • The private collection, L. Stewart’s legacy, the most important building content
  • Develop an interpretive museum space, represent the life, legacy of Levi Stewart
  • Move some of the books to the second floor, to a new research room
  • Keep a display area on the first floor – rotate content from the research room
  • Present theatrical re-creations about Levi Stewart
  • Develop a policy controlling access to the Private Library collection
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Building Preservation Group – Public Meeting

Fall Header 1XThe committee invites the public to help develop a comprehensive vision for the Stewart
Library Building. Citizens from Corinna and all surrounding towns are invited to this information and planning session with the committee and the architects who will be designing the renovations. Here is a schedule of events for the session.

January 20, 2015 – 6:15 to 8:30 PM

Arrival and Sign-in   6:15 PM
– Gather in the hallway and the Reading Room
– Participant sign-in
Refreshments available in the hallway outside the Reading Room

Building Tour   6:25 PM
– Start in the Reading Room
– Briefly describe the purpose of the tour:
Examine the building and develop ideas about the civic and cultural activities that can be possible in the building and the specific changes and renovation that will be needed.
– Divide into groups if necessary. Members of the committee will lead the groups.
–      Visit the Second Floor, Stairways, Auditorium, Stage
–      Visit the Basement
–      Visit the First Floor, Library, Private Library, Town Office, Rest Rooms, Storage Rooms
Refreshments available in the hallway outside the Reading Room

Introductions   7:00 PM
– In the Reading Room
– Meet the participants, the architects, and committee members
– Briefly describe the progress so far
– Architects’ presentation

Idea Session   7:25 PM
– The group will address in a brainstorming format:
What activities and uses will be possible in the building and in the community as a result of the renovations? What specific renovations and upgrades are needed to make these uses and community activities possible?

Feedback   8:10 PM
– Question and answer period
– Suggestions and comments from the participants
– Discuss a follow-up meeting
– Participants fill out survey

End   8:30 PM

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The million dollar grant and what needs to be done?

The Town of Corinna has received a grant from the Next Generation Foundation of Maine for one million dollars to help pay for renovations, and the preservation of the Stewart Library Building. This is an incredible gift to the people of Corinna and indeed to the Central Highlands area of Maine.

SLB from the East

SLB from the East

The Stewart Library Building has been the focus of cultural life in this area for more than a century. Currently it houses the Corinna Town Office, the Stewart Free Library, and the Levi Stewart Private Library. The second floor auditorium and stage are used by the Levi Stewart Community Theater for plays and cultural events. However, as the building has aged and fallen out of compliance with modern accommodations, use of the building has been reduced.

With the exception of the clock tower, the building is structurally sound. The clock tower needs immediate attention. Mortar in the brick work has disintegrated and must be replaced. The voters of Corinna authorized the funds needed to address this concern. Work on the tower will begin soon.

The other work needed
1. To secure the structure from the weather, maintenance and repairs are needed for the outside brick walls, the slate roof, gutters, side entrance porches, the exterior trim and all of the windows.

Restrooms and east stariway

Restroom and east stairway

2. To attain building code and ADA compliance an elevator is needed for access to the second floor. Existing restrooms must be upgraded and new ones added to the second floor. Fire protection and building security systems should be installed.

3. To improve energy efficiency, lower operating costs, and improve air quality in the building, new heating, ventilation, and electrical systems are needed.

4. Renovations and upgrades are needed in the town office, the public library, and the theater. Additional parking should be developed. The Levi Stewart Private Library collection needs proper care and preservation.

The total estimated cost for all of this work is over 2.5 million dollars. This generous grant from the Next Generation Foundation of Maine will help us accomplish a significant portion of the work needed.

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Why is it taking so long to repair the clock tower?

South Clock Face - Stewart Library Building

South Clock Face – Stewart Library Building

It turns out that repairing a brick building constructed over a hundred years ago is complicated. The Stewart Library Building was built with some materials and techniques that are no longer commonly used. Fixing it with modern mortar and modern methods would actually damage the structure and cause it to break down more quickly. Crumbling bricks would lead to a crumbling building. If you want it to last, repairs on an old brick building must be done by companies and workers who have experience with masonry restoration and historic preservation.

In March of 2014, the voters of Corinna authorized the Town to borrow up to $180,000 to fix the tower. This was an important expression of support for the preservation of the building from the people of Corinna.

The first plan devised to fix the tower did not fully recognize the need for special construction techniques. The bids that came in were too high and the plan did not gain approval from the Maine Historic Preservation Commission. That approval is necessary to keep the building on the National Registry of Historic Places. Using that plan to repair the tower would have made it difficult to get any grants to help pay for other work on the building.

A close look at the bricks

A close look at the bricks

The committee I chair, the Building Preservation Group, then began work with architects and the Selectmen to have a new plan prepared by a structural engineer who has experience working on historic brick buildings. He and a mason working with him are shown here taking a close look at the outside of the tower. His final estimates of the work should be available next week. His preliminary estimate is very close to what the voters authorized. Plus, the Maine Historic Preservation Commission gave the Town a grant of $15,000 to pay for the development and construction monitoring of this new plan.

All of this has caused months of delay, but we have now made progress. The new plan will be completed soon. Work on the tower should begin soon after the Selectmen approve the project.

In the meantime, the Building Preservation Group has been applying for other grants, funds that could be used to help pay for the other work needed to restore, upgrade, and preserve the Stewart Library Building for the future. I’ll write more about this in my next post.

Disclaimer: This post does not represent either the Town of Corinna, the Building Preservation Group or any other group. These comments are entirely mine.

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Restoring the Stage Backdrops

This picture was probably taken when the Stewart Library Building in Corinna, Maine opened in 1898.

Auditorium and Stage in 1898

Auditorium and Stage in 1898

There were folding wooden seats for 300 people in the auditorium. On the stage we can see elegant front curtains, intricately decorated side pieces, and a beautifully hand painted backdrop.

Originally there were probably five cloth backdrops that rolled up on round battens using a system of ropes and pulleys. It was customary to have city street scenes, nature scenes and domestic interior scenes. We still have four of the backdrops. Sadly, only one of the original scenes has survived. The others were painted over many years ago.

Recently the Levi Stewart Community Theater restored the four existing backdrops to working order. The original ropes and pulleys are in place both on the stage and up in the attic.

Pulleys and ropes in the attic

Pulleys and ropes in the attic

Rolled backdrops and ropes overhead on stage

Rolled backdrops and ropes overhead on stage

We plan to use two backdrops in the Christmas Show this year on December 5 and 6.

Here is a photograph of the surviving original scene. The material is sewn together to make a roll 12 feet tall and 21 feet wide.

Surviving backdrop scene

Surviving backdrop scene

The colors are still bright and the paint is in fair shape. Notice the wear that is visible at the seams. To help protect it from exposure to light and wear, this backdrop will be kept rolled up over the stage. It will be lowered only for special occasions.

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Preserving the SLB – September Update

If you have the opportunity, please let your selectmen know that you support repairing the Stewart Library Building and preserving its historic value. It is very important for them to know the people support this work.

Repairing the Clock Tower
At town meeting in March the voters of Corinna authorized the Town to borrow up to $180,000 to fix the clock tower of the Stewart Library Building. The engineering work that went out to bid proposed removing the belfry and tearing down the top 30 feet of the tower, adding new structural steel when the tower was rebuilt. Three bids were received. The lowest was about $50,000 more than the town had voted to spend. That plan was set aside.

In August a structural engineer from a Portland based company with many years of experience restoring historic buildings conducted a new structural evaluation of the clock tower. This evaluation, paid for using grant money from the the Maine Historic Preservation Commission, concluded that the tower is not in danger of collapsing. However, it needs work as soon as possible to prevent further deterioration and to repair the structure.

SLB shortly after opening in 1989

SLB shortly after opening in 1898

This evaluation proposes to fix the tower in place, without demolishing it. Mortar on the outside must be replaced and the three layers of bricks in the walls can be tied together using stainless steel bolts. It is possible this will be less expensive than the first proposed repair.

Our committee, the Building Preservation Group, is working with the selectmen and the Portland company to have the engineering work developed based on this report for a new bid process. The goal is to repair the tower according to the historic restoration standards that will keep the building on the National Register of Historic Places. There should be more news of this in the next week or so.

Developing An Overall Plan
Using other anticipated grant funds, the selectmen have hired an architectural firm from Bangor to do an Historic Structure Report (HSR) on the building. The report looks at the entire building, documents its history, makes recommendations for the repairs, upgrades and restoration, provides a logical sequence for the work, and gives cost estimates. This report becomes the basis for detailed planning and writing grant applications. Most organizations that grant money want to see a report like this as evidence that solid planning as been done and cost estimates have been made. The architectural firm will complete the HSR before November 1.

A Major Grant Application
The committee will immediately use the report to improve a grant application we have pending with an organization that has expressed a strong interest in providing funds for the restoration of the Stewart Library Building. However, they have requested a master plan that estimates costs for the work needed in the entire building. We are working hard to develop these estimates before a November 1 deadline for what may be an extraordinary opportunity to fund the work of restoring the building. There should be more news on this in November.


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Preserving the Stewart Library Building

The Selectmen of Corinna set up the Building Preservation Group committee to provide leadership in preserving the Stewart Library Building. I am the chair of that committee. This post does not represent the committee, or the Selectmen, or the Town. This is only my own opinion.

SLB Hallway The Stewart Library Building (many of us call it the “Town Hall”) has been at the center of public life in Corinna for over one hundred years. We have memories of plays, dances, graduations, cheerleading, and playing basketball upstairs. For many of us, the hallway, with those pictures of Corinna residents from the 1800’s, and the library itself are important to our lives.

The 116 year old building needs maintenance, restoration, and upgrades. The most urgent thing is the brick work of the clock tower needs to be repaired. At the town meeting the people of Corinna voted to spend the money to fix the tower.4pdf tower

There are a number of other things needed to restore, maintain and upgrade the building, including installing an elevator. It will take a lot of money but, because the building is so unique and on the National Registry of Historic Places, most of the money can come from grants and donations that will not cost the town. The committee has applied for some grants and is working on more.

I think there are three things we must do to win grants and get donations that will pay for most of the work needed.

1. The building must stay on the National Registry of Historic Places. That makes it possible to qualify for grant money. It means that the building must be kept as it was originally built. Any re-building must put it back the way it was so that it looks the same.

2. The town must show it’s commitment by fixing the tower. Even though the town cannot afford to do all the work needed in the rest of the building, we have to show that we care enough to do what we can.

3. A master plan for restoring, maintaining and upgrading the entire building should be developed. A master plan shows the people who award grant money that we know what we are doing and have figured out the best way to get the work done.

I’ll write more about each of these things in future posts. The committee is working to get this done. The committee can only make recommendations to the Board of Selectmen. They are the decision makers. They represent you and will respond to what they hear from the people of the Corinna. I hope there is support in the town and the area to take care of the “Town Hall”.

If you have questions about my opinion or wish to contact me, click on the “Contact Ken” link at the top of this page. Follow me on Twitter @KenJDow, where I tweet about this topic and the Levi Stewart Community Theater.

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