This building survived, but needs attention.

Most of the buildings that were in the downtown area of Corinna are gone, torn down in the EPA cleanup just over a decade ago.

This one is still there, standing tall, as it has since completion in 1898. At that time some considered it one of the finest public buildings in Maine. Designed by architect, William H. Grimshaw, the building was placed on the National Registry of Historic Places in 1974.

SLB from the airThe Stewart Library Building was built by Levi M. Stewart, a childhood resident of Corinna, to honor his parents and to provide a public library for the town. Mr. Stewart grew up to be a prosperous lawyer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Upon his death in 1910 his private book collection of more than 6000 volumes was shipped to Corinna and placed in the building. He was buried in the Village Cemetery in Corinna. While he never married, some of his heirs still live in town.

The building currently houses the Corinna Town Office, the Stewart Free Library, the Stewart Private Library, and is the home of the Levi Stewart Community Theater.

For the most part, the building is in good shape but it needs some attention. Most pressing is the need to repair the brick work in the clock tower. The mortar in some portions of the tower has disintegrated and needs to be replaced.

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A New Design

The Cattail Press has be sitting here for a number of years without much change. I have updated the platform of the site to WordPress. This will improve the site and allow for adding new content. That had become almost impossible on the old site. Now I have to get to work designing and populating the site. There will be a link to the old Cattail Press. All of those pages from the EPA cleanup days are still here.

I am slowly adding content to the site. The WordPress platform seems to always have a way to get things done but there is a learning curve. The weather and moon phase stickers to the right are the first outside components to be placed on the front page.

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