Checking on the Clock

June 18, 2000


On November 6, 1999, this picture was on The Cattail Press. It shows the clock in the Stewart Library Building. The photograph was taken in October of 1997. At the time I don't think the clock was working properly.


Well, things have changed. Here is the clock now, after the restoration. The mechanism has been cleaned and re-built. The new components at the base are part of the automatic winding system. Notice even the floor has been painted. 
Gears have been repaired or replaced. New winding cables have been installed.

Below you see the gears connected to the shafts that move the hands. On the right are the gears just behind the front clock face. 

It's nice to have it working again. Two nights ago it was warm and clear outside. There was a full moon and no mosquitoes. We sat on the deck enjoying an evening made all the better when, at 10:00, we heard the town clock strike the hour.

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