The Mill Pond Shore Line

May 10, 2000


Seen from the air, as in this picture taken before the demolition began, it looked like the shoreline of the mill pond must have been changed to accommodate the building of the back section of the mill. 

Below is a picture taken from behind the mill in about 1950 when the round-roof section was built. The concrete piling and pole on the left of the old photo was part of a cable system that ran from the mill to the upper dam. Years before, the cables carried by these poles, attached to a butterfly gate on the dam. This system allowed water flow from the dam to be controlled from a point at the back of the mill.


Notice the location of the piling in this photo. The shore line is not visible to the right. The piling is in the middle of the pond which had been drained at the time.
This is a picture of the same piling taken last week. The silt fence just to the right marks the present shoreline of the pond.
The piling is beginning to break up. The remains of the pole are visible at the top. However, it is very large. I doubt it has moved much in the past 50 years.
The piling is located near the orange spot in the center of this picture. The mill pond must have been significantly changed when the back section was built.

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