The Levi Stewart Community Theater
production of

The Cat In The Castle
by Bill Solly

Stewart Library Building, Corinna

July 23 at 2 and 7 p.m.
July 26 at 7 p.m.




Mimi hides while the Queen and Ham Hamwich discuss Ptommy as if he wasn't there

Mimi, Ptommy and Hugo have
solved the big problem.


Hugo worries about where
Mimi might be.

Ham and Ptommy discuss
how to untie the cats tails.



Cast of Characters


Hugo, A New York cat
Mimi, Another New York cat
Ham Hamwich, Lord Chamberlain
Queen Gloria XIV
Ptommy, A pterodactyl

Gary Dorman
Priscilla Dorman
Jackie Emerson
Gerrard Rudmin
Peggy Meservey
Fred Partidge
Bruce Clarke




Set and Stage

Stage Manager
Stage Crew

Publicity and House

Betsy Dorman
Marie Dow
Bruce Clarke, Brenda Clarke, Norman Clarke, Gary Dorman, Bill Condon, Cyndie Dorman, Larry Meservey, Julie Dow, Ken Dow, Jackie Emerson, Gavin Dow
Bill Condon
Gavin Dow, Ken Dow
Bruce Clarke
Brenda Clarke, Brent Dorman
Betsy Dorman, Priscilla Dorman
Cyndie Dorman, Fawn Condon, Brenda Clarke, Julie Dow
Julie Dow, Jackie Emerson, Herbert Dow, Jr., Betty Dow


Special Thanks to...

- Bill Condon and Condon Electric for materials, expertise and time used in the renovation of the stage and lighting.

- Brent Dorman for the construction of new steps at the front of the stage.

- David and Jeanne Carcieri for the design and construction of the Queen’s throne.

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